It all started back in 2003 when CoreLevel was formed when we developed a baby carrier to make it easier to lug our kids around. Over time we grew to manufacture more and more items and become experts in working with webbing and plastic and metal hardware. We have long since been out of the baby carrier business, but continue to use our skills learned to develop new products for us and our clients.

CoreLevel, Inc is quickly becoming one of the largest retailers and manufacturers of sex swings and other position sex aids on the internet.

2009 – Create sexswing.info to be a leading expert site on sex swings and slings.

2013 – Create Screamer Sex Swing brand to set a new standard in comfort for sex swings.

2015 – Aquire LoveSwing.com a leading sling manufacture since 1998.

2016 – Purchase SexSwing.com and combine and rebrand with sexswing.info to become the number 1 sex swing site on the internet.

2017 – Purchased Sexswings.com, Sexswing.net and sexslings.com to round out the collection of domain names.

2018 – Aquired the domain name TiedTight.com

2019 – Created Hump Stump